Thilo Heckrodt
Vice President, Medicinal Chemistry

Thilo joined Kimia Therapeutics in November 2023 as Vice President of Medicinal Chemistry. He is responsible for advancing hit compounds discovered by Kimia’s Chemotype Evolution platform into clinical development. Thilo brings over 17 years of medicinal chemistry experience to his role and has a track record of moving molecules from the lab to the clinic. He is the author of over 80 scientific papers and issued patents. Most recently, he was Executive Director & Site Head of Chemistry at PTC Therapeutics, a global biotech company dedicated to developing treatments for rare and neurodegenerative diseases. At PTC, Thilo led teams of internal and external chemists guiding the chemistry efforts for a portfolio of neuro & oncology drug discovery programs. Preceding PTC, Thilo was Director of Medicinal Chemistry at Assembly Biosciences where he worked on the development of treatments for chronic Hepatitis B viral infections. At AssemblyBio, Thilo was involved in the discovery of a novel HBV capsid inhibitor which is currently in Phase I. Prior to AssemblyBio, Thilo spent 13 years at Rigel Pharmaceuticals taking on increasing roles of responsibility. During his time at Rigel, Thilo helped to advance several kinase inhibitor programs for immunology and oncology indications into the clinic. This includes the AXL kinase inhibitor Bemcentinib (R428), the IRAK4 inhibitor R835, the JAK3 inhibitor R548 and an inhibitor of IL-13/IL-4 signaling (AZD0449, R256). Thilo holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Vienna, Austria. His graduate studies were supported by a Kekulé fellowship. He completed his post-doctoral training in Professor Vollhardt’s laboratory at UC Berkeley as a Feodor Lynen Research Fellow of the Alexander v. Humboldt Foundation.