Jack Sadowsky
Co-founder VP of Discovery Chemistry

Jack is a co-founder and Vice President of Discovery Chemistry at Kimia Therapeutics, joining the company in April, 2023. Jack began his professional career at Carmot Therapeutics, contributing at an early stage of the company to the development of the Chemotype Evolution platform. Following Carmot, Jack joined Genentech as Scientist in a joint appointment between Protein and Discovery Chemistry. Upon promotion to Senior Scientist at Genentech, Jack’s responsibilities expanded to leading the bioconjugation team, supporting all of research. His efforts resulted in the advancement of several antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) to development stage and early-phase clinical trials as well as innovative applications of bioconjugation chemistry, including antibody-mediated delivery of degraders and click-activated prodrugs. After 8 years at Genentech, Jack rejoined Carmot Therapeutics as Principal Investigator in Discovery Chemistry before co-founding Kimia. Jack holds a BA in Chemistry from Pomona College. Following a Fulbright Fellowship at the University of Leipzig in Germany, Jack conducted PhD studies in the laboratory of Sam Gellman at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, developing peptidomimetic inhibitors of protein-protein interactions. Jack conducted postdoctoral research as a Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program fellow in the laboratory of Jim Wells at UCSF, probing allostery in protein kinases with covalent small molecules.